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Professional Development - Mar 16, 2011 Print E-mail

16 March 2011, 10:40 – 14:00 HK Time

Parallel Lesson through VC with Regent Secondary School, Singapore

Focus: S3 Coordinate Geometry
(Regent Secondary School: Gradient and Equation;
PLK Laws Foundation College: Mid-point Formula)

This was the first time we held a parallel lesson through VC with a Singaporean school.
We really thanked Dr. H.M. Ng, from Centre of Leadership of HKU, who provided the platform for this real-time exchange activity for teachers’ development to take place.
It can be seen that even similar topics, but being delivered by teachers from different countries, the teaching approaches adopted in the two lessons varied. We had a very fruitful discussion that all the participants shared inspiring teaching comments.

1. Hong Kong Teachers observing Singaporean lesson via internet
2. Singaporean Teachers observing Hong Kong lesson via internet
3. Teachers from Hong Kong and Singapore having real-time professional discussions
4. Experts from HKU explaining "Parallel Lesson" - the new mode of teacher professional development and Experts from HKU Mathematics Education gives comments to teachers of both schools.

‘Parallel Lessons' is developed by The Centre for Educational Leadership (CEL), HKU. It involved a pair of teachers from Hong Kong and Singapore/ Mainland China who design and teach a lesson independently on a common topic to a same grade of students. The two lessons are observed by the two teachers as well as other teachers and specialists. A forum is then held among them to exchange ideas and views about the lessons. It is different from the public lecture we normally see. This kind of sharing stimulates teachers to have deeper reflections on their teaching, and thus become more aware of the underlying assumptions and values, which they may take for granted. This would facilitate fundamental changes and improvement in teaching quality.



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