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Introduction Itinerary Gallery
During the trip to Denmark, students will be having a range of classes following their buddies at Ranum Efterskole College. 
By bringing students to Denmark, we aim to encourage students to step out of their comfort zones and learn about cultural diversity and the world beyond classroom. It is a great opportunity for them to learn and experience Danish culture as they can truly immerse themselves in the lifestyles of local students by living with them and following their daily routines
Participant Name-list
2S  郭思齊  Kwok Sze Chai
2S  梁銦潼  Leung Yan Tung
2J   姚珮喻  Yiu Pui Yu Zoe
2J  馬千晉  Ma Chin Chun
2M  楊琛喬  Yeung Sum Kiu
2M   宋昕朗  Sung Yan Long
2M  羅早澄  Law Trinity
2M  楊賀駿  Yeung Ho Chun
3N  羅衛軒  Law Wei Hin
3J  何梓熙  Ho Tsz Hei
5J   陳芯瑜  Chan Sum Yu
6M  梁芷瑩  Leung Chi Ying
6M  關尚禮  Kwan Sheung Lai
6S  勞泳其  Lo Wing Ki
6V  陳子惠  Chan Chi Wai
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