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1. Aims:

1.1 To develop a culture in using information technology for communication among teachers, students            and parents.

1.2 To integrate information technology into different subjects.

1.3 To support different subjects in order to facilitate teaching and learning.

1.4 To act as a common interface between different subjects.

1.5 To develop students understanding of the importance of the role of computer in their everyday life.

1.6 To enhance students communication and collaborative skills through the use of                                           information technology in their daily life and studies.

1.7 To enhance the students motivation in studying through the use of IT.

1.8 To develop students creativity, logical thinking and self-learning skills.



2. Situation analysis:

2.1 Strengths

2.1.1 Our teaching staff members are enthusiastic and possess professional training.

2.1.2 The majority of our students are well motivated and eager to learn.

2.1.3 School-based curriculum is adopted to cope with the fast-changing computer and information                     technology knowledge.

2.1.4 Computer hardware, software and networking infrastructure are well-equipped in our school.


2.2 Weaknesses

2.2.1 The information technology competency among students varies a lot as different primary schools               have different computer curriculum.

2.2.2 Diversity in learning abilities among our students.

2.2.3 Some students are eager to learn but passive.


2.3 Opportunities

2.3.1 Our school is a through-train secondary school which will be affiliated with PLK Luk Hing To                       Primary School in the academic year of 2005-06.

Both the primary and secondary school can develop a closer collaborated curriculum.



3 Areas of concern:

3.1 To develop a basic understanding of the functions of different parts of our computer.

3.2 To familiarize students with the use of commonly used computer software packages.

3.3 To develop students ability in using information technology as a tool for learning and integrate it into          their daily life.


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