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2021年7月3日中小銜接課程更新安排 (非陸慶濤小學學生適用) Print E-mail
2021年7月3日中小銜接課程更新安排 (非陸慶濤小學學生適用)
因應2019冠狀病毒病疫情反覆,故原定於2021年7月3日 (星期六) 在本校舉行的中小銜接課
完成銜接課程的相關課業,並於2021年7月13日 (星期二) 或以前將功課交回本校校務處門外
Latest arrangement for 3 July 2021 Pre-S1 Bridging Course (For Non-LHT students only)
Taking into account the pandemic COVID-19 situation, the upcoming bridging course scheduled on
3 July 2021 (Sat) will be conducted in ONLINE mode. Students need to finish the homework
mentioned in *Circular 267b themselves and submit it to the “Assignment Boxes” outside our
school’s general office on or before 13 July 2021 (Tue).
If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. So, the teaching assistant of
the Chinese Department.
*Remark: The Circular 267b has been sent to parents by E-mail.
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