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Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College

Department of Music




Junior forms (S.1-3)

Develop students’ ability to listen, appreciate and understand a range of music.  Help students identify different types of music productions and have a thorough understanding towards the music genres and structure.

● Encourage active involvement in different forms of music making.

● Help students develop musical skills through various music learning activities.

● Motivate students’ participations in a wide range of music performances and music related activities.

● In addition to the elementary stage of learning, senior form students acquire further music studies on two main learning areas, vocal technique and electronic music composition.  Through these two elective subjects, students may have further development on performance and composition

Senior forms (S.4-6)

The overall aims of the curriculum are to enable students to

● develop creativity and nurture aesthetic sensitivity;

● further develop their musical competence;

● construct knowledge and understanding of diverse music cultures;

● develop critical responses to music, and communicate effectively through music;

● pursue further studies in music and prepare for careers in music and related areas; and cultivate a life-long interest in music and develop positive values and attitudes towards music


Instrument for all policy

● Under the “Instruments for all” policy, students are compulsory to learn at least one instrument.

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