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Roles and Functions of the Careers Development Committees in PLK Laws Foundation College


We are here to encourage students to make their educational and career choices that are congruent with their personal qualities, talents, interests and abilities. We like to help our students to set goals and make a wiser decision to achieve high and to have a prosperous future and life.



News for Students and Parents
16-11-2014 1415 Parents Talk_JUPAS
  1415 Parents Talk_Mainland Studies
  1415 Parents Talk_Overseas Studies
  1415 Parents Talk_SSSDP


Information Day 2013


28 Sep 2013

Information Day for HKUST

5 Oct 2013

Information Day for PolyU

12 Oct 2013

Information Day for CUHK

19 Oct 2013

Information Day for CityU and HKBU

26 Oct 2013

Information Day for LingnanU and OUHK

2 Nov 2013

Information Day for HKIEd

 9 Nov 2013

Information Day for HKU 






Preparation work for the Release of the Results:



「多元導航」最新平台,提供放榜面試各行各業等資訊及影片 學生可下載並填寫資料,於7月15日放榜當天帶回學校,以便咨詢 學生可以了解本地各院校提供的課程,以便放榜當天選擇出路


學生須預先申請HKedCity賬戶 網上程式能幫助評估你的個性是屬於哪一類型,並建議一些課程給你。 學生可概括了解各院校提供的課程


Admission Grades and/or Subjects Weightings on specific programs of the Universities (JUPAS)


Useful Information for Students and Parents:





 Reference Links:

A. Important websites to enroll tertiary programs

B. HKEAA and the Government Related websites

C. Related Organizations which provide updated information and reference



D. Study and Careers Paths updated information and reference

1. 2012年內地部分高等院校免試招收香港學生試行計劃
2. 僱員再培訓局「TEEN 試行動 2012」
3. 展翅青見計劃
1. 資歷架構與學生個人事業規劃


Acknowledgement: .HKEAA, EDB, HKACMGEM, HYC, VTC, HKedcity



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