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Exchange with Wuhan Shuiguohudier zhongxue 2012 Print E-mail

Exchange with Wuhan Shuiguohudier zhongxue

Teachers and 15 students of our sister school, The Wuhan Shuiguohudier zhongxue (湖北省水果湖第二中學) are staying with us during January 14th  to 20th 2012. Various activities are organized to welcome them and we do wish that this invaluable opportunity can broaden both of our students’ horizons.




Day 1 (Jan 14) 1(114)

Ø    Wuhan team’s arrival湖北省水果湖第二中學抵達

Day 2 (Jan 15) 2(115)

Ø    Wuhan students with their host families武漢學生與寄宿家庭

Day 3 (Jan 16) 3(116)

Ø   Welcoming早會及歡迎儀式

Ø   Activities in school學校活動花絮

Day 4 (Jan 17) 4(117)

Ø   A day learning @ Ocean Park海洋公園一天遊(環保學習課程)

Day 5 (Jan 18) 5(118)

Ø   Learning activities in Tsim Sha Tsui尖沙咀文化學習

Day 6 (Jan 19) 6(119)

Ø   Activities in school學校活動花絮

Ø   Farewell party歡送會

Day 7 (Jan 20) 7(120)

Ø   Wuhan team’s departure湖北省水果湖第二中學離開



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