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Professor Wong is currently a professor of the Faculty of Education in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). He received his Bachelor’s, MPhil, and PhD degrees from the University of Hong Kong. Not only is Professor Wong a Chartered Mathematician but he is also a Chartered Statistician as well as the founder of the Hong Kong Association for Mathematics Education. Prior to his career as a professor, he served as a school teacher for ten years.

Professor Wong has been one of the key figures in the education of Mathematics. Over the past decades, countless Mathematics educators have obtained their professional qualifications under his guidance and supervision, ranging from Diplomas in Education to PhD programmes. Today, his students can be found in basically every school in Hong Kong. Yet, with devotion and commitment in mind, he is still conducting various research studies which aim at fostering the learning and teaching in schools across the territory.

Professor Wong's research areas, which include Mathematics conception, curriculum development, psychosocial classroom environment, and extra-curricular activities, are proven to be contributive to Hong Kong’s education and curriculum. He also studies the learning culture in which he refers to as the "Confucian Heritage Culture learner phenomenon". Throughout the years, he has won numerous awards in research and teaching, including Faculty Exemplary Teaching awards and Research Excellence awards from CUHK, as well as award for excellent research output from the Ministry of Education in the PRC.



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