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New annex at the basketball playground







This is the 12th anniversary of our school since its establishment in 2004. In order to strengthen our competitiveness and foster a stronger collaboration with PLK Luk Hing Too Primary School, LFC Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) has approved the building of a new annex, making use of the current basketball court area.

Early preparatory work has been completed by the Lead Consultant (AP) including submission of all-related application documents to EDB and other government departments. There will be a roof-top basketball court, and an indoor swimming pool located on the ground floor. Other facilities include 6 classrooms, PTA office, and Student Council office, etc.

In March 2016, the construction of the new annex officially commenced and is completed in spring 2018.

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Site Record Photos (Click "+" to expand the details)

-  Site Record Photos (Week at 18.12.2017 to 24.12.2017)
Finishing works at 4/F Installing of signage Painting/Plastering works for glass canopy at 1/F
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 27.11.2017 to 3.12.2017)
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 20.11.2017 to 26.11.2017)
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 13.11.2017 to 19.11.2017)
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 06.11.2017 to 12.11.2017)
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 30.10.2017 to 05.11.2017)
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 23.10.2017 to 29.10.2017)
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 16.10.2017 to 22.10.2017)
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 09.10.2017 to 15.10.2017)
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 02.10.2017 to 08.10.2017)
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 25.09.2017 to 01.10.2017)
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 18.09.2017 to 24.09.2017)
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 11.09.2017 to 17.09.2017)
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 04.09.2017 to 10.09.2017)
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 28.08.2017 to 03.09.2017)
+  Site Record Photos (Week at 21.08.2017 to 27.08.2017)


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