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Staff Development in LFC 2013/2014


Staff development is systematically promoted to build capacity for the development and implementation of the school curriculum.  In the first few years of school development, lesson study, which was first initiated in the primary school, was introduced to encourage collective inquiry among teachers.  To promote and facilitate professional collaboration, collaborative lesson planning sessions have been scheduled in the timetable of all teachers since the second year of school operation.  Concomitantly, peer lesson observation has been widely promoted to serve not only staff development needs, but also the school goal of fostering an open and positive culture that values professional exchange and dialogue.


Teachers are conscientiously accumulating experience and expertise.  They are keen to get equipped for further improvement in curriculum development and pedagogical practice.  Annual evaluation of staff development activities and collection of staff members’ expectations and suggestions are appropriately done to inform staff development planning.  To add impetus to staff development, self-reflection has been appropriately set as a focus of peer observation in the coming year.


Apart from a structured approach to staff development, teachers’ professional growth is well supported with the autonomy for them to develop subject curriculum and to initiate projects for enriching student learning and development.  It is a generally shared expectation of the Principal and the teaching staff that teachers are life-long learners and should develop themselves into experts in their discipline.  With this shared expectation and in an open and positive culture, the autonomy has been well used as an incentive for teachers to realise their potential and collaborate with one another with a view to improving the curriculum and their pedagogical practice.  Strong support is given to new teachers through a well-implemented mentorship programme that caters for their support needs with respect to classroom teaching and performing the duties of a class teacher.


Source: Quality Assurance Division, Education Bureau. (2010). Comprehensive Review Report of Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College. Hong Kong SAR Government.



  • To promote teaching professional development
  • To enhance teaching and learning effectiveness
  • To strengthen team spirit and unity



The school has assigned every Friday 6th period for Staff Development.  During these regular staff development periods, teachers conduct co-planning, lesson study, internal training and class teacher meeting in order to develop better teaching strategies for daily lessons.  In addition, workshops, talks and briefings for whole-school activities will be organized.

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