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LHT-LFC Joint School Gifted Education Program (Science) ‘Budding Scientists’ (For LFC S.1 students)



This course is the extension of our current gifted education (Science) program for LHT P.6 students. In addition to the normal teaching and various scientific activities offered, this course is designated to further broaden our participants’ horizons in Biotechnology and Forensic Science which are heated disciplines in Science. With the strong support from the Department of Biotechnology and the well facility and equipment installed in our Diagcor Biotechnology Laboratory, we are dedicated to deliver excellent learning experience for our participants. Participants of our current gifted education (Science) program for LHT P.6 students are automatically enrolled in this course. Selected S.1 students are nominated by their science teachers. Participants are generally expected to demonstrate (i) excellence in academic performance in Science and (ii) passion to persuade continual learning in Science. 


To equip gifted secondary one students with appropriate skills in Forensic Science and continual their training in Science

Teaching contents

Problem based learning and inquiry-based learning are the two major pedagogies employed in this programme. Students are required to actively resolve the cases given by collecting appropriate information, analyzing first-hand information collected and drawing conclusions based on their judgment.  Peer learning is highly emphasized in this program to promote learning among participants. The topics to be covered in the course are listed below: 
Teaching schedule (School Year 2014 - 2015)

Album (School Year 2014 - 2015)

[30th Jan, 2015 – E1 Crime Scene Investigation]

[13th Feb, 2015 – – E2 Fingerprints] 

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