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Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College

Department of English



-  To set higher expectations for students to stretch them further and help them to realize their English Language


-  To further strengthen the quality assurance mechanism to further develop students’ English language abilities



In line with the school’s aims of education, the English Language Subject Department strives to:

- help create a loving and harmonious learning environment which helps students to develop self-esteem and


- pursue knowledge and truths, to accept multi-cultures and have the world vision;

- think creatively and cope with change;

- undertake responsibility to the family and individual; to serve to the community; and to be concerned with the

  development of our country;

- create a language rich learning environment in collaboration with other departments;

- equip students with sufficient English language knowledge to cope with academic and communication needs;

- help students develop a fondness of learning and appreciating language and language arts.



NSS Curriculum:

The following elective modules will be provided for students:

-  Social Issues

-  Short Stories

-  Workplace Communication



English Club

The English Club comprised the following teams:

Radio Team

Drama Team

Campus TV Team


English Week

The English Week is organized for the junior students to provide opportunities for them to participate in various activities that exercise their English skills.


English Talent Show

Every year, as a class, the S1 students perform an English Talent Show with a different theme. This helps students to increase their English proficiency, boost their team spirit, as well as to increase their confidence to perform on stage.


English Day Camp

As for our Secondary 2 students, they take on a big role in organizing a day camp for Primary 4 students from Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary school. The day consisted of providing games, arts and crafts, and cooking lessons for the Primary 4 students. Each year all the students from both schools feel a great sense of achievement and satisfaction.


English Debate Competition

The Interhouse English Debate is always a spectacular event that sparks friendly exchanges with words between the four different houses. The S3 and S4 debaters are eager to defend their own house and they definitely arouse the audience’s interest towards different social issues.


English Public Speaking Competition

To further challenge the S5 students, and to get them better prepared for the HKDSE, an English Public Speaking Competition is held every year to polish students’ spoken English and persuasive speaking skills. Students learn to articulate their ideas both loud and proud.




Every academic year, the English Department organizes a series of competitions and events to help cultivate our students’ interests in learning English.


Hong Kong Schools English Speech Festival

The Hong Kong Schools English Speech Festival aims to promote the interest and raise the standard of students in English speech, drama, poetry and prose. Every year, over 100 students join the English Speech Festival.


HKIEd Speaking Contest for Hong Kong students

The Speaking Contest for Hong Kong students is organized by HKIEd and Rational Communication Educational Society with an aim to improve senior form students’ English speaking proficiency. In Years 2012/13 and 2013/14, the school received the 1st Runner-Up and the Champion for the Outstanding School Award respectively.


City University Discovery and Innovation Debating Challenge

The Speaking Contest for Hong Kong students is organized by HKIEd and Rational Communication Educational Society with an aim to improve senior form students English speaking proficiency. In Years 2012/13 and 2013/14, the school received the 1st Runner-Up and the Champion for the Outstanding School Award respectively.


HKSS English Debate Competition

The Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition is an independent debating competition, which uses a simple conflict debating format without any points of information. Our students join this competition with an aim to gain the necessary experience to taste the NSS Debating Module and learn about critical thinking as well as debating skills as a team.


Oxford Summer School in Hong Kong

St. Anne’s College of Oxford University runs a Summer School for local school pupils to give them the opportunity working with some top academic Fellows and Tutors on subjects ranging from Particle Physics, International Law, the Molecule Mysteries of DNA, by way of the Contrasts in the Sea, as well as Music, History and Extreme Environments.


IGNIS Model United Nations

IGNIS MUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students role-play ambassadors of different nations and debate a diverse range of world issues. Model United Nations (MUN) enables students to see the world from a global perspective, gain a deeper understanding of contemporary issues and acquire skills to speak fluently in public.


Harvard Book Prize

The Prize is award to outstanding students in the penultimate year, academically excellent, with exceptional personal qualities, that make a significant contribution to school or community. .Outstanding students in their second-to-last year of secondary school are entitled to the Prize. During its 10th Anniversary, our student, Lam Ho Yi also won the Grand Prize of the Winners’ Competition.


Standard Chartered Public Speaking Contest

The Standard Chartered Public Speaking Contest is organized to build up students’ confidence to voice their opinion to become a fluent English speaker. All students are encouraged to this competition. In Year 2013/14, the school received the EPS Most Actively Participating School Award:


English Penmanship Competition

The English Penmanship Competition is organized to promote the importance of good handwriting.


English Writing Competition

The English Writing Competition is organized to encourage students to write and express their opinions in English, and good essays are published in either Forever Young or Dimension.


A warm congratulation goes to all the winning students. The success of the above English activities relied on the active participation of all the school members. For those students who did not get a prize this year, they should not feel discouraged. Instead we hope everyone can take a more active role in the coming year and get the most out of all the English activities.


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