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School counseling work is intended to fulfill the supportive function in enhancing the whole-person development of our students, and all school personnel have their part to play. It is of developmental and preventive nature applicable to all students, who do not necessarily have any immediate problems or difficulties.

School guidance work should be carried out with the following objectives:


l   Providing individual or group counseling to students

l   Organizing and arrange programmes aiming at students’ growth and development

l   Helping students adapt to the school life

l   Strengthening the relationships between the social worker and counseling teachers

l   Coordinating and plan education programmes or activities such as Life Education

l   Coordinating the effort of other counseling teachers in carrying out counseling work

l   Advising the Principal and other staff on matters concerning counseling


The role of each key personnel

The success of the implementation of guidance work in a school depends on the joint effort of all the school personnel. Every staff in a school has an important role to play in helping to achieve the objectives of school guidance work. All of them should recognize their own roles and contribute their effort in school guidance through their day-to-day contact with students. The following description of the roles of the key personnel,



The convenor of counseling committee should take up an active role in assisting the Principal in formulating the school’s policy concerning the whole-person development of their students. They are anticipated to oversee the need and well-being of their students, plan the whole school developmental guidance as well as support other teachers with resource materials, guidance skills and experience.

l   Produce a counseling and guidance year plan with clearly stated specific objectives for the current school year

l   Plan and coordinate preventive and developmental programmes

l   Conduct counseling meeting to have sharing of cases and experience, and discussing on the delivery of school counseling work

l   Conduct periodic evaluation as well as annual review on the counseling services delivered to ensure students’ current needs are catered for


Form Coordinators

l   Receive all reported cases in need of counseling from individual teachers

l   Handle less severe cases of behavior problems

l   Deliver the message discussed in Board meeting to class teacher during the class teacher meeting

l   Referring cases to social worker if necessary


Counseling Teachers

l   Identify students’ needs and problem encountered by students

l   Handle less severe cases of learning and behavior problem

l   Make referral of student cases to the social worker if necessary

l   Conduct preventive and developmental programmes

l   Attend case conferences and counseling meeting

Social Worker

The school social worker, who should be included as a core member of the Guidance Team, supports teachers through providing information on community resources, collaborating group programmes, reaching out to the students’ families and handling referrals. The school social worker performs the following functions:

l   Help student with more difficult emotional and personal development

l   Handle cases concerning family related problem

l   Assist students in overcoming problems relating primarily to environmental factors

l   Coordinate with counseling teachers to organize preventive and developmental programmes

l   Make outward referrals to solicit assistance from other organization and professional if necessary