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Itinerary (Click the date to view the photos)

Day 1


Flight to Yin-Chuan, the largest city in Ningxia.

Day 2


Visit the Royal Tombs of the Xixia Dynast and museum.


Visit Zhenbeibao West Film Art Center.

Day 3


Visit Helan Mountain Rock Painting and Han Mei Lin Art Museum.


Participate in a talk about “The development of Ningxia under the Belt and Road Initiative” at Beifang University of Nationalities

Day 4


Visit a modern art museum.


Visit Ningxia Yucai secondary school.

Day 5


Visit Ningxia Liupanshan High School.


Visit Ningxia Cunmizu Garden, including a Muslim temple and museum.

Day 6


Visit Gaomiao, a historical Chinese temple since Ming Dynasty.


Visit Shabotou, the tenggeli desert at Zhongwei city.  

Day 7


Visit Ningxia museum and Haibota, a historical building.


A formal presentation meeting was initiated at the hotel. Students concluded their observation and inspection about the past few days.

Day 8


Flight to Hong Kong.

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