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健身室簡介 ── 三個發展方向


A Whole School PE curriculum & Cross-curriculum Education
Through setting up a six-year program of fitness training, there are numerous intangible benefits which students can attain at LFC fitness centre. For instance, students will have a better self-awareness in terms of their own fitness and mental limits. Each student has his or her own unique fitness level. By using the equipment provided in the centre, they can find out about their strengths and weaknesses, and later train according to their physical needs. They will be prompted to record and reflect on their progress. By following this constant reflection and self-evaluation process, students can unleash their true potential, one step at a time.Afterthe opening of the LFC Fitness Centre, teaching and learning will not only be limited to the subject of Physical Education. Various pedagogical plans are in place regarding the involvement of other subjects. Physical training will require the help of proper diets and supplement support. Our Technology and Living teachers at LFC will reinforce students’ training programmeswith knowledge of nutrition and food.

Professional development & Certificate courses
The Fitness Centre also allows the teaching of Facility Management for senior forms students who look for practical vocational training for their Other Learning Experience. They do not even have to leave the school campus to earn precious working experience. Coaching Programmewill be set up for students who are interested in a career in the personal fitness training field. Personal Trainers from operating fitness centresacross Hong Kong can be invited to our centreto host workshops to share their practices with our students.

校隊需求體能,技術,戰術和心理的訓練。在充足設施的配備下,無論提升心肺耐力,爆發力,肌力或肌耐力,學生能夠得到更有效的訓練。 我們也會邀請不同運動團隊的體能教練來作示範,讓校隊成員體驗專業運動員的訓練模式。
Professional School Team Training







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