Wednesday 29 Nov 2023
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To help Pre-S1students prepare for their secondary school life, our school provides a bridging course for them.

The course starts from December to July annually (May to July for Pre-S1 students other than Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School), covering culture and protocol of our school, and also subjects Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Humanities and Integrated Science.  In August, a two-day summer camp is held in the campus.  Through this systematic approach, Pre-S1 students understand our school culture, build their subject foundation, and network new friends.  All these help our Pre-S1 students develop a stronger confidence in starting their study in our school.


All lessons of the course are taught by our school teachers.  Pre-S1 students are required to complete and submit assignments for marking and grading.  This allows teachers to understand the Pre-S1 thoroughly before the school commencement in September.

Details of the course to be announced through circulars to the parents of our registered Pre-S1 students.

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