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Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College

Board of Science


Board of Science
Board of Science consists of Department of Biology and Biotechnology, Department of Chemistry, Department of Integrated Science and Department of Physics.
Our vision in science education and biotechnology education:
Science education for meeting personal needs
Science education for nurturing scientific mind, creativity and curiosity;
Science education for resolving current societal issues;
Science education for preparing for further studies; 
Science education for educating the future citizens;
Science education for offering a means of creating new knowledge,
Biotechnology education for strengthening and enriching science education.
Our mission in science education and biotechnology education:
To nurture students’ scientific literacy, creativity, curiosity;
To breed informed and accountable citizens to deal responsibly with science-related societal issues;
To prepare students for applying science to improve their lives;
To equip students who are likely to pursue science academically and professionally with a good knowledge foundation;
To provide learning opportunities and facilities for students to create knowledge; and
To maximize students’ potentials
We promise to try our best to nurture every student to respect every life, appreciate the nature and make good use of their knowledge for helping people and protecting the environment.

Gifted Education (Science) Framework in LHT-LFC

DiagCor Biotechnology Laboratory

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