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Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College

Department of English



-  To set higher expectations for students to stretch them further and help them to realize their English Language


-  To further strengthen the quality assurance mechanism to further develop students’ English language abilities



In line with the school’s aims of education, the English Language Subject Department strives to:

- help create a loving and harmonious learning environment which helps students to develop self-esteem and


- pursue knowledge and truths, to accept multi-cultures and have the world vision;

- think creatively and cope with change;

- undertake responsibility to the family and individual; to serve to the community; and to be concerned with the

  development of our country;

- create a language rich learning environment in collaboration with other departments;

- equip students with sufficient English language knowledge to cope with academic and communication needs;

- help students develop a fondness of learning and appreciating language and language arts.





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