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Whole-school Literacy Strategy

Language permeates the whole curriculum both as a vehicle for learning and as a subject of study in its own right.

● English is used as the teaching medium for our formal curriculum.

● Chinese Language and Chinese History are taught in Putonghua in Junior forms and Cantonese in Senior forms.

● Life Education is taught in Cantonese.

A Rich Language Environment

As language is the tool to all learning, accessibility and enjoyment are of utmost importance. Language progression is vastly cultivated in our school through many ways:

● implementing morning and lunch reading sessions

● integrating drama and literature elements into the language curricula

● organizing activities such as exchange programmes with overseas schools

● hosting inter-house drama and public speaking contests which are organized by the English and Chinese Departments

● holding activities such as fashion show and inter-house debate competitions organized by the English Department in collaboration with other departments

● inviting professional artists, musicians, dancers, storytellers and athletes from around the world to give talks to our students which help raise literacy standards by providing pupils with rich learning experiences

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