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School Fee Remission Scheme (2022/2023)                                                                  

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Needy students can obtain the application form for the remission scheme from General Office or eClass Intranet and return the completed form to General Office before 2nd August 2022 for 2022/2023 school year (insufficient documents will not be considered). For further details, please refer to Appendix 1.


Appendix 1

   ♦   Eligibility Criteria

-The student must study in our school.

-Applicants must submit the application for assessment of eligibility and pass the means test and levels of assistance.


   ♦   Application Procedures

-The application form can be obtained from the General Office.Deadline of application is 2nd August, 2022. Late submission will not be considered.

-All data provided by the applicants in the application form must be supported by a copy of relevant documents. Insufficient information, misrepresentation and concealment of facts will lead to disqualification.


   ♦   The Means Test and Levels of Assistance

-Our school will use the “Adjusted Family Income” (AFI) mechanism as the means test to assess the eligibility of a family for fee remission scheme and its assistance level.

-The AFI mechanism is based on the following formula:

**Please note that AFI is not the total monthly income of a family**


AFI = Gross annual income of the family

Number of family members + (1)



**Only Number of family, System will automatically increase one.





   ♦   Gross annual income of the family includes the annual income of applicant and his/her spouse; 30% of the annual income of unmarried child/ children residing with the family if applicable; and the contribution from relatives/ friends if applicable.


   ♦   The members of a family normally refer to the applicant, his/her spouse, unmarried child/ children residing with the family and the dependent parent(s) of the family.


   ♦   For single-parent families of 2 to 3 members, the ‘plus 1 factor’ in the divisor of the AFI formula will be increased to 2.


   ♦   Students from families on Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme will be given full school fee remission.


The AFI eligibility benchmarks for various levels of Fee Remission 22/23 are listed in the table below. (Full or Half Fee Remission)

AFI Groups between (HK$)

Level of Fee Remission


Full (100%)


Half (50%)


Ineligible (Unsuccessful)



Items need to be reported
Items need not be reported

   ♦   Salary (including Mandatory Provident             Fund contribution)

   ♦   Double pay/ Leave pay

   ♦  Allowance (including meals,              shift  allowance)

   ♦   Bonus/ Commission /Tips

   ♦   Wages in lieu of notice of dismissal

   ♦   Profit from business/ investment

   ♦   Alimony

   ♦   Contribution from children not residing with the family / relatives/ friends (including money or contribution of housing / water / electricity / gas or other living expenses)

   ♦   Interests from fixed deposits, stocks & shares, etc

   ♦   Rental income

   ♦   Monthly pension/ Widow’s & children’s compensation

   ♦   Old age allowance

   ♦   Disability allowance

   ♦   Long service pay / Contract gratuity

   ♦   Severance pay

   ♦   Loans

   ♦   Lump sum retirement gratuity / Provident fund

   ♦   Charity donations

   ♦   Inheritance

   ♦   Comprehensive Social Security Assistance

   ♦   Retraining allowance

   ♦   Insurance/ accident / injury indemnity


If any question, please contact General Office Ms Lee (Tel: 27018778)


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