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Class Structure

● In view of the coherent 3-year new senior secondary academic structure, as proposed by the Education Commission, we have adopted a symmetrical class structure from S1 to S6. Hence, the eligibility rate of our S1 students going up to S6 is 100%.

● To cater for different needs and talents of students, split class or small class arrangement is applied in some subjects and classes.

●To maximise students' choices in subject selection in S.4-6, the following elective subjects are offered: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics Extended Module, BAFS, Chinese History, Economics, Geography, ICT, Technology and Living, Music and Visual Arts. Small class size arrangement is applied in most of the elective classes.

● To gain the advantages of the small class size arrangement, we utilize the tuition fee and other resources to recruit more teachers and teaching assistants to maintain high teaching and learning quality.

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