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Visiting Diagcor Bioscience Incorporation Limited 

Date: 17th January, 2015

Time: 14:15 – 16:15

On 17th January, 2015, twenty students were invited to visit the Diagcor Bioscience Incorporation Limited which has its headquarter situated in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. Prof. Joseph Wing-On Tam, CEO & Chairman of the Board, Diagcor Bioscience Inc. Ltd. delivered an inspiring speech to welcome our students for visiting their laboratory facilities. Scientists of the ‘Research & Development (R & D)’ section introduced the direction of scientific studies and experiment carried out in their laboratories to our students. Manager of the ‘Service Section’ proceeded to explain how they function as an important bridge to bring clients to a closer distance with the scientists in the ‘R & D’ section.

The meeting continued with our students sharing their results of scientific research carried in our school. Two of our students, 5 J Ma Ho-Him and 5 J Chow Pak-Chun presented their research findings on the topics of ‘The inhibitory effect of Chinese Medicine on the growth of brain cancer cells’ and ‘Dendrobium huoshanense can reduce hydrogen peroxide-induced toxicity in SH-SY5Y cells’ to Prof. Tam and scientists of the Diagcor Bioscience Inc. Ltd. Our students exchanged their ideas with Prof. Tam and the team of scientists and received valuable advice from them for carrying out further investigations. Our students then visited the laboratory facilities under the guidance of the scientists of the company.

Prof. Tam ended the visiting by giving a speech to encourage our students for continual striving the best out of their studies in Science.  It is hoped that through the strong linkage between the Diagcor Bioscience Inc. Ltd. and the Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College, both our students and scientists from the company learn from each other under such an open-minded platform.

We express our gratitude to Prof. Tam and fellow scientists of the Diagcor Bioscience Inc. Ltd. for their generous support to the development of science education in our school. We are looking forward to the grand opening of the DiagCor Biotechnology Laboratory to be held on the 16th March, 2015 (Monday).

Prof. Tam delivered a welcoming speech to our students.

Dr. Rebecca Lee, one of the scientists of ‘R & D’ section, introduced the scientific work and investigation in the company.

Matthew (Another scientist of DiagCor Bioscience Inc. Ltd.) introduced the role of ‘Service Section’ in the company. Example of the services included advanced diagnosis of cancer.

5 J Ma Ho-Him and 5J Chow Pak-Chun presented their research findings about neurodegenerative diseases and brain cancer.

5 J Ma Ho-Him and 5J Chow Pak-Chun presented their research findings about neurodegenerative diseases and brain cancer.

The scientists of Diagcor Bioscience Inc. Ltd. shared their experience as a scientist in biotechnology industry.

Our students visited the laboratories in DiagCor Bioscience Inc. Ltd.

Prof. Tam, staff of the Diagcor Bioscience Inc. Ltd. and our students took a picture for treasuring such valuable opportunity for exchanging ideas between scientists and secondary school students.

Details of
Grand Opening of DiagCor Biotechnology Laboratory
of PLK Laws Foundation College

on March 16, 2015

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