Thursday 25 Feb 2021
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General Information of Staff (2020 - 2021)


Mr. Chan Wing Kwong,


BEd, The University of Gloucestershire; MEd, HKU; DipB.A., HKSYU; LLB., Peking University; LLM, Peking University; Professional Diploma in Principalship Mentoring, CUHK

Curriculum Vitae


Boards and Departments

English Chinese Mathematics Science Social Science  
ICT Visual Arts Music Technology & Living Physical Education


Qualifications of Teaching Staff



Doctoral Degree 2 (3%)
Master Degree (one or more than one) 38 (54%)
Bachelor Degree (one or more than one) 70 (100%)
English Teachers meeting Language Proficiency Requirement 12 (100%)
Putonghua Teachers meeting Language Proficiency Requirement 12 (100%)
Postgraduate Diploma / Postgraduate Certificate / Bachelor Degree in Education 65 (93%)
Total number of teaching staff 70


Supporting Staff


No. of staff

Librarians (including Librarian Teacher) 2
Teaching Assistants 9
Laboratory Technicians 3
IT Technicians 2
Administrative Staff 5
Janitors 8
Total number of supporting staff 29


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