Friday 19 Apr 2024
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HKMO(EDB)Finals 第 40 屆香港數學競賽決賽


"4M 26 Sze Wing San, 4V 13 Lai Ho Ching Ernie, 4V 16 Lau Nok Sum and 5V 28 Wong Pak Ho entered the finals with 49 other schools out of 180 schools on 13/5. They ranked 20-24th in the individual events. 4M 26 Sze Wing San has won the Second-Class Honor and 4V 16 Lau Nok Sum has won the Third-Class Honor in the Heats. Congratulations to them and appreciate all their efforts preparing for the competition. Especially thanks for the kind help from previous medialists and our graduates Yeung Wan Fei. "









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