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Law Cheuk Ecology Laboratory (羅焯生態實驗室) Print E-mail

To facilitate the learning and teaching in Geography, Law Cheuk Ecology Laboratory was set up in September 2012.  The Laboratory was converted from the former Geography Room.  The upgrade work aims to provide a wide range of support in the studies and projects on the ecology and the environment.



Introduction Video (English version):


Introduction Video (PTH version):

Major upgrade work includes installation of gas supplies and additional drainages which support the needs of enquiry-approach pedagogies.  Geographical experiments and fieldworks are facilitated by the Laboratory.  Students are encouraged to take samples from the field and analyze them in the laboratory.


A series of curriculum modifications have been applied to the Social Science subjects in junior and senior forms, integrating experiments as a part of the teaching and assessment in Geography.


On 19 March 2015, the Laboratory was named Law Cheuk Ecology Laboratory to recognize the generosity of Mr Law Cheuk who kindly donated one million Hong Kong dollars.  The Grand Opening of Law Cheuk Ecology Laboratory was officiated by MsFlorence HUI, Under Secretary for Home Affairs, Hong Kong SAR Government and acknowledged by Po Leung Kuk Board of Directors 2014-2015 chaired by Ms. On-Kei Leong.



Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government has kindly donated the Laboratory a number of products derived from endangered flora and fauna species, including ivory tusk, hippo teeth, Leopard Cat skin, pangolin skin, fox skin, crocodile, lizard skin, cobra skin, turtle plastron etc. These exhibits remind and educate the students about the importance of natural conservation.



Apart from Geography, the Laboratory offers a wide range of support and assistance to Liberal Studies, other Social Science Subjects and advanced-level research-based learning.  It also supports school-based assessment, which requires students to carry out individual research studies on environmental issues.


20 Dec 2013    Report on the Analysis of Physical and Chemical Properties of Soils

Oct 2016      A Review of the Development

Together with the set-up of the Laboratory, a wide range of instrument, equipment and apparatus have been purchased.  These include heating oven, incubator, multi-parameter bench-top meter, spectro-photometer, deionizer, Aerosol Monitor, Logger and Receiver of Global Positioning System, pocket weather meters etc.


In the future, the Law Cheuk Ecology Laboratory will continue its development into a laboratory focusing on the studies of ecology and environment.


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