Aerospace Aviation Program


Our school has been playing a leading role in running aviation programmes among secondary schools. We have formerly organized flight training workshops and gifted programmes on learning STEM through our Aerospace extra-curricular activities. To step up our efforts in helping our students’ aviation dream take off, upon the completion of the New Annex, an aerospace laboratory was established, equipped with university-grade facilities including the cabin mock-up and flight simulation programs. The Core Aerospace Team, comprised of inter-disciplinary teachers, was established to enrich our STEM education with new pathways by allowing and encouraging students to participate in research and pilot training programmes. Not only can our flight training programmes maximize our students’ learning opportunities and their potential, but the learning experience will also inspire them on their career goals.

Scope of the Programme

The programme will be implemented through a three-phase development plan, namely Current Development (Years 2020 – 2021), Interim Development (Years 2021 – 2025) and Long-term Development (Years 2025 – 2030). The programme is designed to cultivate our students’ interest in and foundation knowledge of aviation. The dimensions in each phase aim at a significant paradigm shift in knowledge construction, research study and personal exposure, while offering students with a wide range of applied skills and aviation knowledge for their career and personal development.