Space Innovation

In 2021-2022, four students Y.L. Sung, Y.L. Leung, K.Y. Man and P.Y. Hung participated "Science World: Exploring Space to Benefit Mankind" Education Programme organized by PolyU.  The objectives of the programme are (i) To stimulate students’ interest in STEM education through an online lecture series; (ii) To help students understand the benefits of space explorations to mankind and the scientific importance of the China Space Station; (iii) To inspire students’ innovative thinking in technology through the utilisation of the China Space Station, particularly the microgravity environment; and (iv) To provide an opportunity for students to realise their scientific experiment inside (or outside) the China Space Station. 

In the competition, the title of project developed by the students is Viscosity and Shear Thinning of Blood in Microgravity – Hemorheology in Diagnosing Potential Diseases in Long-duration Space Mission.  Their research suggests that in microgravity, there can be potential changes in the whole blood, a kind of non-Newtonian fluid, which is crucial in terms of the astronauts’ health conditions.  Through investigating the viscosity and shear thinning of whole blood of the astronauts, the factors causing potential diseases such as heart diseases, blood circulation problems, venous thrombosis and anemia can be analyzed. 

Nurturing Scientific Literacy and Inspiring Dreams of Space Exploration

Our school goes beyond theoretical learning by providing practical experiences that empower students to take their scientific knowledge to new heights. A team of Secondary 5 students (Chung N.T., Lee T.H. and Shiu C.M.) have designed an innovative device to grow plants in space making use of circular motion and artificial gravity. The design won the Hong Kong Youth Space Innovation Competition in June 2023 and the team represented Hong Kong to participate in the National Youth Space Innovation Competition (organised by International Cooperation Center of China Aerospace (ICCCA)) held in August in Wenchang, Hainan. The team worked diligently to prepare for the event under the guidance of our committed teachers. Throughout the competition, our students showcased their problem-solving abilities and demonstrated a profound understanding of the science knowledge. Their abilities to apply scientific principles to real-world scenarios impressed the judges and earned them recognition. Eventually, the team has won the Second Prize.

少年太空人體驗營2023(Young Astronaut Training Camp 2023)

29th July, 2023-5th August 2023 (Participating the Young Astronaut Training Camp)


Among 160 applicants, our student T. Y. Yip was selected honorary as one of the 30 participants in the Young Astronaut Training Camp after three-round selections. During the 8-day trip, he visited different places, like the National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC), and the Xinglong Observatory, which broadened his horizon and saw different astronomical facilities.


Due to T.Y. Yip excellent and well-disciplined performance in the camp, he was finally awarded the great prize of the Best Camper Performance in the astronaut training camp.