Archery Field


        To provide a unique and rewarding learning exposure for our students, we are one of the very few secondary schools providing archery learning incorporated in our physical education lessons. Dating back to 2016, we started the preliminary work and preparation for constructing our school-based archery curriculum. In 2016-17, a survey on “Students’ interest towards archery” was distributed to all students and a number of replies received showed interests and willingness to practice archery once it was offered.  In 2017-18, after receiving overwhelming responses in the survey, two archery beginner’s courses and one archery advanced course were offered. In 2018-19, a one-year long archery comprehensive course was offered to provide a more systematic and continual development of our young archers

        To take us to the next level, we have sought and successfully received a grant of HKD $ 200,000 from the Quality Education Fund (QEF) for the further development of our school-based archery curriculum. The grant provides the financial support to the project by adding corresponding equipment and hiring coaches for the learning activities under this project. It is our hope that through providing this unique yet valuable learning experience, we could identify and nurture students who show strong enthusiasm and giftedness in archery

Figure 1. Development history of our school-based archery curriculum


•  To identify and nurture budding archers through provoking interests and equipping our S.1 to S.3 students with basic archery skills

•  To further extendthe potential and competences of our archery team through structured training

•  To foster the bond forming cohesion between students through whole-school events like inter-house archery competition

•  To provide a platform for preliminary development of cross-disciplinary learning as inclusion of elements of Physics & Mathematics in archery

Key activities

        'Continual, sustainable development' is key to our school-based archery curriculum.  During stage of planning, we have considered how different students and other stakeholders could gain from our school-based archery curriculum.

Level 1 – Whole-form approach: S.1 – 3 Archery Experience Lessons

•  Target:    S.1 – 3 students

•  Lesson:   3 consecutive lessons conducted during regular P.E. lessons

•  Learning objectives:

   ♦  To learn safety measures in practicing archery

   ♦  To learn the rules and regulations in practicing archery

   ♦  To acquire the basic skills in practicing archery

Level 2 – Pull-out approach: Structured Training Modules for Archery Team

•  Target:    Archery team members

•  Lesson:   Weekly after-school 2-hour training lesson conducted throughout the academic year

•  Learning objectives:

   ♦  To learn about the rules, regulations and routines in archery competitions

   ♦  To acquire advanced skills and techniques in practicing archery

Level 3 – Off-school approach:

•  Archery team members would be encouraged to participate in workshops and training offered by external associations to broaden their horizons and receive training from different parties. 

Archery for Houses, Teachers & Parents:

•  House:      Inter-house Archery Competition & Inter-class Archery Competition on ‘Games Day

•  Teachers:  Archery Instructor Training Course & Experience Activity at staff development session

•  Parents:    Archery Experience Activity for Parent Teacher Association

Figure 2. Four key activities under our QEF archery project

Figure 3. The three-tier learning activities under our QEF archery project


Figure 4. The proposed layout of the archery field at the current covered playground