Vision & Mission

Our Belief and Vision
  • We strongly believe that...

    • The overall aims of education for the 21st Century should be to enable every person to attain all-round development and to be capable of life-long learning.
    • Our priority should be to enable students to enjoy learning, enhance their effectiveness in communication and develop their creativity and sense of commitment.
    • All students are unique and their potential and multiple intelligence can be fully developed if ample opportunities are duly provided.
    • The development of student’s multiple intelligence helps to strengthen their confidence and to bring out their giftedness
Our Mission
  • We commit ourselves....

    To create a loving and harmonious learning environment which helps students to,

    • develop self-esteem and optimism;
    • pursue knowledge and truths, accept multi-cultures and have a world vision;
    • think creatively and cope with changes;
    • undertake the responsibility to the family and individuals; and serve the community;
    • better understand Chinese history and culture; be concerned with the development of our country.


    We strive....

    For creating a professional environment to,

    • encourage professional collaboration and cultivate the culture of quality assurance;
    • make good use of educational researches to enhance teaching and learning, and also to promote teachers' professional development;
    • facilitate an innovative curriculum development in response to the needs of students and social changes.


    For developing an effective partnership network among the school, students' families and the community towards the accomplishment of

    the vision of 'all-round development for students'.