Denmark Exchange Tour 2024

Learning beyond the classroom: Denmark Exchange Tour 2024

In late April, some students took part in a 7-day exchange tour to Ranum Efterskole College in Denmark. Having been the host family of Danish students, our students had an invaluable chance to visit this overseas boarding school and experience the unique school life in Denmark, developing their global perspectives. Not only did the exchange program help our students explore the world, but it also provided a channel for intellectual and cultural exchange.


During their stay, students were offered an opportunity to attend lessons together with their buddies. One of the most eye-opening courses is Coral Restoration in which students have learnt how to grow corals under optimal conditions. They visited the school’s coral laboratory for coral cultivation, which opened their eyes to coral reef ecosystems, enhancing their learning experience.


Greenfingers is one of their school-based projects which promotes sustainable farming and green environment. Apart from plant-growing, various animals, such as goats, alpacas, donkeys and chickens, live peacefully there. Our students got closer to nature. They fed the goats, collected chicken eggs for experimental and cooking purposes, brushed the donkeys, and had a walk with the alpacas. Through intimate interactions with the animals, our students have learnt how to manage a farm responsibly and understood animals should be treated equally as humans, with respect, love and care.


Besides school activities, students were given a chance to visit museums and do some sightseeing to know more about the country. They went to Spøttrup Borg to visit a medieval castle and admire the beauty of ancient architecture. Students also went to the Limfjord Museum in Løgstør to experience the marine life of the Danes, including visiting the canal keeper’s house, touching flatfishes and tickling crabs. Some of our students followed their buddies home at the weekend and spent time with their host families to explore the city together.

All students have enjoyed the exchange tour a lot and learnt more than they expected both inside and outside of school. They developed life-long friendships with their host families and will definitely treasure these memories.