HKDSE Result 2022

Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College

Achievers 2022

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education 2022

Analysis of the Public Examination Results


Percentage of Candidates attaining the general entrance requirements (Core subjects at 3322 or above) for admission to tertiary institutions

 Our School AverageHong Kong Average
Mathematics (Level 2 or above)99.0%82.2%
LS (Level 2 or above)97.9%89.8%
English (Level 3 or above)95.8%53.2%
Chinese (Level 3 or above)66.7%59.7%
Subjects attaining more 5**/5*/5 than Hong Kong Average:
Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Mathematics Extended Part (Algebra & Calculus), Liberal Studies, Biology, BAFS, Chemistry, Chinese History, Economics, Geography, ICT and Physics.
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Outstanding HKDSE Achievers

(Two or more 5*/5** or Best 6 = 30 marks or more)


Class Name
6 Jupiter Chan Yeuk Hang 陳若行
Chan Yeuk Yin 陳若言
Chiu Claudia 趙欣熙
Lam Jacky 林淦生
Li Chi Kit Marco 李智傑
To Man Ki 陶文琦
Wun Ally Lok Yin 溫樂然
6 Mercury Chan Cheuk Nam Daniel 陳卓男
Cheng Pak Chun 鄭百津
Ching Long Tin 程朗天
6 Neptune Ho Yan Lam 何胤霖
Kot Yin Laam 葛彥嵐
Lam Ching Yin 林政言
Tsang Chin Long 曾展朗
6 Saturn Cheung Chi Chun Garvin 張志臻
Lam Tsz Lok 林子樂
6 Venus Chow Kwo Lik 周果歷
Kan Ho Wing 簡浩榮
Yeung Yiu Lung 楊曜隆