Core Curriculum

Our school curriculum, structured to maintain both breadth and balance, is designed to cater for students' different needs, abilities and interests. The 8 key Learning Areas advocated by the Curriculum Development Council will form the backbone of school curriculum. A strong emphasis on language has a central role in learning and a coherent, progressive and diversified career oriented curriculum for senior secondary students' serves to ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary and to prepare students for lifelong learning and for career development.


The core of our Junior Secondary Curriculum consists of 13 subjects, i.e. Chinese Language & Putonghua, English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Biotechnology, Life and Society, Chinese History, Computer & Information Technology, Technology & Living, Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Life Education.


Language permeates the whole curriculum both as the vehicle for learning and as an object of study in its own right. English is the teaching medium for our formal curriculum except Chinese Language, Chinese History and Life Education; while Chinese Language and Chinese History are taught in Putonghua in Junior form and Cantonese in Senior form.

New Senior Secondary

The subjects provided for our New Senior Secondary Curriculum include:


Core Subjects: Chinese, English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies / Citizenship and Social Development.
Electives: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, Chinese History, Geography, Economics, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS), Information and Communication Technology, Technology & Living, Music and Visual Arts.
Other Learning Experiences (OLE): In order to ensure necessary exposure for balanced and whole-person development to meet the learning goals of Moral and Civic Education, Community Service, Caree r-related Experiences, Aesthetic Development and Physical Development, the cultural departments in our school provide fundamental courses as well as specialized courses as the OLE component for the students throughout their school lives.