Genetic Engineering Expedites Drug Discovery

One genuine belief all scientists hold is that science and technology is a cornerstone for a better world and our school is proud to have nurtured a group of youths who share the same vision. Besides striving for academic excellence, they are also eager to devote their time and effort on putting the scientific knowledge they acquire from textbooks into practice and, above all, contribute to society.


With the motivation in mind, our students participated in iGEM Competition since 2018, competing against over 3000 teams comprising renowned overseas high schools and universities. The event is a worldwide synthetic biology competition aiming at promoting the open and transparent development tools for engineering biology to construct a society that can productively and safely apply biological technology.


Encouraged by the triumphal experience in iGEM 2018, our youths challenged themselves by pursuing another science inquiry into the area of uric acid and taking part in iGEM 2019. With this impressive discovery, they brought home a gold medal in the competition which was comparable to the prize given to the University of Oxford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in terms of the assessment criteria.


Holding on to the beliefs that curiosity is the lust of the mind and the pursuit of knowledge is never-ending, our students are ready for their next task - an investigation into a speedy test based on genetic engineering for diagnosis cancer diseases in 2023 and onwards.

  • The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition is a worldwide synthetic biology competition originated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2004

  • Our students were thrilled knowing that their hard work paid off - they were awarded the bronze medal in iGEM 2018

  • Our students presented their research on the therapeutic approach in curing patients suffering from hyperuricemia in 2019

  • Our students were presented with the gold medal certificate in iGEM 2019

  • The pursuit of knowledge is never-ending. Our students are looking forward to joining iGEM 2023