International Scholarship

Scholarship for International Conferences and Competitions

Since 2004, different subjects (Liberal Studies, Geography and Science) have been actively sending students to a range of international conferences and competitions.



Through participating in international conferences and competitions, horizons of students are broadened.  It also enhances students’ social skills and enables them to gain deeper knowledge and better learning skills.

To promote whole-person development of students, starting from 2010, the Scholarship for International Conferences and Competitions have been set up.  The details of the Scholarship are as follows:

Terms and Conditions

•   The conferences/ competitions could be either held in Hong Kong or overseas, but more than 50% must be non-Hong Kong participants.

•   Nomination and enrollment by the school are needed.

•   Scholarships are rewarded in cash upon the completion of the conferences/ competitions.  A upper limit is set to each student in accordance with the location of the conference/competition:

  • Hong Kong: $2,000;
  • Asian countries: $4,000;
  • Non-Asian countries: $6,000

If the delegation is formed by a group of students, the upper limit for the Scholarship is$10,000 for Hong Kong, $40,000 for Asian countries and $60,000 for non-Asian countries, whichever amount is less.


The Scholarship could be used to cover air tickets (or the cost of cross-border transport), registration fees of conferences/ competitions and accommodation.


 Students may apply for the Scholarship only after their applications have been accepted by the secretariats of the conferences/ competitions.

•      The membership of the Selection Committee may include the Principal, a senior teacher and a representative from the PTA.

•      Applications will be considered in terms of the activeness and action plans of the students, the nature of the conferences/ competitions and other follow-up reports/ projects.

•      The Principal will compile a list of awardees recommended by the Selection Committee for IMC’s approval.

•      True copies of the proofs of the expenses shall be submitted to the school by the awardees after the completion of the conferences/ competitions.