The PLKLFC English Elite Team is a group of highly skilled individuals dedicated to promoting and upholding the standards of English in PLKLFC. Comprising a team of elite writers, editors, leaders, and language enthusiasts, this team is committed to ensuring that English can be widely spread to every student in PLKLFC.


The team has previously participated in numerous territory-wide events, such as the Harvard Book Prize 2023, FutureGEN Girls Leadership Summit 2023, IdeaGo Ideathon Final, CareerXplorer Program – Hangseng Bank Central Workshop, The Law Society of Hong Kong - Basic Law Talk, and The National Security Law Talk, among others.


With a passion for English and a drive for academic excellence, the PLKLFC English Language Elite Team is a valuable resource for students looking to elevate their proficiency in English and participate in a variety of territory-wide activities.