Thailand Exchange Tour 2024

Learning beyond the classroom: Thailand Exchange Tour 2024


A group of 5 students, along with the principal and 2 teachers took part in an exchange tour to

Hatyaiwittayalai School in Hat Yai, Thailand from 16 to 21 May, after the Thai students and

teachers had previously visited our school from 25 to 30 January. This exchange tour aims at

developing students' worldwide vision towards different learning and living styles around the world,

and providing a channel for intellectual and cultural exchange. Our students gained a lot from this



Having been the host family of Thai students, our students had an invaluable chance to visit

and study at this wonderful overseas school. During their stay, students were offered a great opportunity to experience different lessons in the Thai school. For example, Thai language classes, Thai cooking classes and Thai dance classes. They tried on Thai costumes, learned to dance traditional Thai dances, cook Tom Yum Goong and stir-fried morning glory. Our students can therefore personally experience and deeply understand Thai culture, discover the differences between the two cultures, and also learn to

understand and respect different cultures.


Our students lived with their host families and experienced the local customs and lifestyles. After

school and on weekends, the host families took them to explore Thai culture. They visited many

museums and different scenic spots, such as the Khlong Hae Floating Market, the Hat Yai Municipal

Park, and Samila Beach in Songkhla. Through visiting these places, our students gained a better

understanding of Thailand's historical background and culture. They became appreciative of the host

families' hospitality, learned the proper attitudes for interacting with people. At the same time, under

the patient care of Thai teachers and host families, our students overcame cultural differences, fully

integrating into the local way of life.


All students enjoyed this exchange tour a lot and learned more than they expected both inside and

outside of school. They established long-lasting relationships with their host families, learned how to

get along with different people, gained a sense of respect and inclusion, broadened their horizons,

and became familiar with the diverse cultures of the world. They will definitely treasure these

memories and be grateful for everything they get.